BERC’s ultimate objective is to produce innovative, talented researchers in the field of administrative and economic sciences by improving and orienting the research of the undergraduate and graduate programs to cope with the needs of local society. Moreover, to encourage motivated faculty members in the faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences at QOU and other expert researchers from other educational institutions to increase their research contributions in the international journals to benefit their communities and help find solutions to current challenges confronting the Palestinian Economy.

The BERC aims to achieve number of objectives, among which:

  • Conducting high-quality analytical research on business and economic studies to improve the sufficiency of decision making process, and enhance the effectiveness of crafting strategies, setting polices and designing objectives for public and private business institutions.
  • Providing expert advice and analysis on various aspects of long and short-term business and economic policies and strategies.
  • Providing high quality consultancy services and capacity building programs to the Palestinian private sector, NGOs and governmental organizations, so as to upgrade their capabilities and competencies.
  • Serve as a bridge between scholarly output and public policy, and as a forum for public debate on business and economic policies, financial and administrative issues with an aim of reducing unemployment in the Palestinian economy
  • Attract qualified local Palestinians and those in the Diaspora, as well as international economists to work on economic development issues.
  • Stop “Brain-Drain” by encouraging intelligent, motivated and well-educated researchers to stay in Palestine and to go abroad to conduct their research.
  • Assist Al-Quds Open University (QOU) with its reform efforts in the area of education and training, as well as with its efforts to increase local and regional cooperation.
  • Achieve excellence in teaching and research, and exchange the best practices between the faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences at Al-Quds Open University and its counterparts in the European Union.

Tools and means to achieve objectives

  • Activities of Business and Economic policy-oriented research.
  • Monitoring of business, economic and social trends, and analysis of key economic issues, and fostering of indicators.
  • Joint-activities and cooperation with national and international organizations and higher education institutions through seminars, workshops, round table discussions, conferences, lectures, consulting services, capacity building programs, research activities, etc. Moreover, hosting researchers in the field of business and economic policies and administrative issues.
  • Joint activities that lead to best practices in verifying research titles, proposals of undergraduate and graduate degrees in Administrative and Economic Sciences.
  • Publishing of reports, studies and research findings in business, economics and finance.
  • Building of Strong long-lasting relations with public, private and civil society sectors in Palestine.