BERC/QOU Organizes First Annual Research Colloquium

Posted in March 5th, 2019

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22/04/2018 BERC/QOU organized with cooperation with BERC/BZU the first annual student research colloquium. The event aims at providing Economics & Business students from Al-Quds Open University with research-oriented skills. Specifically, it will help in achieving the following specific objectives: gives students with an opportunity to gain public speaking experience; and help them Learn about student research from fields outside their own academic discipline and from other participating universities as well; and enable them experience judging methods used by professional organizations.
Thus, from start to finish, the Colloquium was an amazing opportunity for QOU students to gain a real understanding of what goes into a professional meeting and encourage them to actively pursue interdisciplinary areas of research. Considering the Colloquium’s success, the event will definitely continue to grow in size and scope the coming years, allowing QOU students to expand their knowledge base of other fields and enabling the Palestinian community to actively support them in their endeavors.