Funded by Erasmus+: The Center for Administrative and Economic Research organizes a workshop to transfer experiences and knowledge

Posted in October 16th, 2017

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The Center for Administrative and Economic Research at Al-Quds Open University, in cooperation with the Deanship of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the University, organized a specialized workshop to transfer knowledge and experiences of the faculty members who received training courses in Spain and Italy within the framework of the Capacity Building Project For administrative and economic research centers in Palestinian higher education institutions, funded by the European Union (Erasmus +) program,

The workshop started with an opening speech by Dr. Yousef Abu Fara, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, who stressed the importance of the Center for Administrative and Economic Research and its leading role. Dr. Abu Fara stressed that this center will enhance the effectiveness of the scientific research movement in the University and other Palestinian universities, and it will have joint research activities with other higher educational institutions, government institutions and private sector institutions.

Dr. Eng.  Youssef Al-Sabah, Director of the University’s Quality Department and the Project Coordinator, reviewed the development  phases of the project from its inception until present, stressing that Erasmus+  allows researchers and faculty members  from Palestinian universities participate in developing their research  capabilities and establish  research partnerships with researchers from inside and outside Palestine.

Dr. Fadel Eideh presented the first presentation, focusing on the knowledge and experience received during the course held in Italy under the supervision of the University of L’Aquila. In this presentation, he discussed the mechanisms of promoting the intellectual and technical creativity adopted in the educational institutions of Italian universities, highlighting the possibility of applying them and transferring these experiences to the Palestinian universities.

Dr. Salah Sabri provided the second presentation and focused on the experience of the Italian universities – University of L’Aquila – in cooperation and partnership with the private sector, especially with regard to the establishment of new modern companies depending on scientific research and academic cadres.

Dr. Attia Musleh provided the third presentation, and discussed the knowledge and experiences received during the course held in Spain under the auspices of the Spanish University of Almeria. He stated that the world today lives in the era of information, where humans receive a huge amount of data on a daily basis by technology.


Dr. Bassam al-Turk, presented the final presentation, which was related to the training course that  was held at Almeria University on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of data, large data and data science. During this workshop, Dr. Abu Turk presented the skills which are related to ( R ) programming language for statistical analysis.